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What is Impotence?

Impotence is inability to obtain and maintain sufficient erection to carry out sexual intercourse. Let’s refer to “impotence” concept, which is very often used by both men and women, and doctors in particular. Instead of the word “impotence” it is more appropriate to speak about “erectile dysfunction“. Why? Since under impotence we understand (to put it crudely) that man did not establish oneself as man, he allegedly can not “conceive” children, but term “erectile dysfunction” includes a few basic concepts that involve male erectile dysfunction.

What is Erection?

Erection is male physiological ability to respond to sexual object (woman, for example). It is manifested in penis size increase. Moreover, forms of erection at every man are different and this is normal.

50% of men worldwide have erection problems, and in this category there are young men as well as those aged 45 years and older.

Types of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be:

  • mild;
  • moderate;
  • severe.

Severe erectile dysfunction is defined as complete erection absence, that is, during sexual intercourse, penis is not increased in physiological amounts.

The vast majority of men suffer from mild erectile dysfunction, which is easy to remove with timely treatment by means of ED medications online. If a man had a weak erectile dysfunction and he did not consider it necessary to treat it, in this case, disease, stress, smoking, lack of full sexual life – all this leads to the fact that weak form of disease may become severe. Read the rest of this entry »

You are said to be suffering from erectile dysfunction if you having problems in achieving erection. This is common problem in man and is also referred to as impotence. The condition turns into a major concern when the problem becomes persistent. The following are the symptoms of ED:

  • Unable to get an erection
  • Unable to maintain an erection for the entire period of sexual intercourse
  • Inability to get an erection that is firm enough for penetration

The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The causes for erectile dysfunction can be either physical or psychological. The physical conditions that lead you to incur ED are:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Heart problems
  • High level of cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Use of tobacco
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Side effects of some other drugs
  • Injury or surgery near the pelvic area
  • Treatment of prostate enlargement


How can You Treat ED with the Help of Viagra?

Sildenafil or Viagra obtained from medstore is known to relax the muscles that are found in the blood vessels. It leads to an increase in blood flow to some specific areas of the body. This is an oral drug that is used for the treatment of ED. Nonetheless, the drug is not known to treat sexually transmitted diseases.

What are the Side Effects of Viagra?

In case, you have allergic reaction to Viagra from medstore, you need to give medical help immediately. If you notice that you are having the following problems, you need to stop taking the drug:

  • Change or sudden loss of vision
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Swelling of the feet, ankles, and hand
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Signs of heart attack like chest pain, sweating, and nausea
  • A feeling of lightheadedness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Seizure

What are the Drug Interactions of Viagra?

Drug InteractionsDrug interactions might alter the way in which the medication work or increase the severity of the side effects. In case, you are already taking any oral drug, you should inform the doctor about it. Also, do not change the dosage of the medicine without consulting the doctor or the pharmacist.

Riociguat is known to interact with the drug. Sildenafil when taken with nitrate causes a serious drop in the blood pressure. This might lead you to be dizzy and might give you a mild heart attack or stroke. Do not use the drug with the medications of chest pain. You should also avoid taking it with recreational drugs like popper that contain amyl nitrite, amyl nitrate, and butyl nitrite.

In case, you are taking alpha blockers for the treatment of enlarged prostate or high blood pressure, you might notice a drop in the blood pressure. In such a case, the doctor might prescribe you with a lower dosage of Viagra for lowering the risk of drop in blood pressure.

There are other medications that might have an effect on the way in which the drug works. As a matter of fact, it can also lead to the removal of sildenafil. This is the reason telling the doctor about it is very important. Avoid taking the oral drug with any other medications containing sildenafil.

Still articles that help to cope with all the health problems:

RSV bronchiolitisWe report the first large, randomized, double-blind, controlled trial of rhDNase in infants with RSV bronchiolitis. This study demonstrates that the mucolytic rhDNase does not shorten length of hospital stay or duration of supplemental oxygen in hypoxemic infants with RSV bronchiolitis. Neither was the rate of clinical improvement better in infants treated with rhDNase than in those receiving a placebo.

Because mucus plugs play an important role in the pathophysiology of RSV bronchiolitis, and because the DNA content is increased in mucus of these infants, we hypothesized that rhDNase is an effective treatment for infants with RSV bronchiolitis. Anecdotal evidence indeed suggests that rhDNase treatment is effective in infants with severe RSV bronchiolitis. Furthermore, one randomized study in a small group of infants with mild bronchiolitis demonstrated that rhDNase improved radiologic abnormalities. In that study no differences in length of hospital stay and symptom scores were observed, but as many of these patients were not oxygen dependent, they may have had only mild airway obstruction. In addition, the efficacy of rhDNase has also been reported in observational studies of pediatric patients with atelectasis or severe airways obstruction due to asthma, and other respiratory diseases; and a recent randomized study demonstrated that rhDNase effectively prevents the development of atelectasis in infants receiving postoperative mechanical ventilation carried out by My Canadian Pharmacy. Read the rest of this entry »

Primary End PointA total of 225 infants were assigned to treatment: 113 infants to rhDNase and 112 infants to placebo (Fig 1). Two patients withdrew from the study after the first dose of study medication (one in each group) and consequently had no follow-up data available. During the first two RSV seasons of the study, patients were recruited in 4 hospitals; during the last two RSV seasons, patients were recruited from a total of 10 hospitals. In terms of demographic variables, there were no significant differences between the groups at randomization except for birth weight, which was slightly lower in the rhDNase group (Table 2). The duration of illness before hospital admission and the symptom score at randomization were comparable between the groups. Read the rest of this entry »

Respiratory syncytial virusRespiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the most important cause of viral bronchiolitis in young children. In general, approximately 0.5 to 2% of children with RSV disease need to be hospitalized. It is estimated that each year approximately 50,000 to 80,000 children < 1 year old are hospitalized for RSV bronchiolitis in the United States, and consequently RSV bronchiolitis constitutes a significant burden on patients, parents, and the health-care system.

Treatment of hospitalized children with RSV bronchiolitis is mainly supportive, with supplemental oxygen, nasal washings, tube feeding, or IV fluids, and mechanical ventilation where necessary. b2-Agonists and systemic steroids are frequently used, although their efficacy is disappointing. Several randomized studies have demonstrated that neither nebulized b2-agonists, epinephrine, nor systemic steroids reduce the length of hospital stay during which the remedies of My Canadian Pharmacy are used to achieve the recovery fast. Read the rest of this entry »

The protein is a food additive which contains big concentration of albumen (more than 80%). It is applied mainly by athletes, for the purpose of increase in muscles volume as protein is a construction material of muscle bulk.

The protein is let out by various manufacturing brands of sports food, but the product is divided into three types:

  • Plasma protein. This type, on structure of components, is divided into a concentrate and isolate.
  • Ovalbumin is applied to increase in muscles and creation of body relief.
  • Soya protein possesses the same properties, but it is intended for vegetarians.

Each of the listed types of protein consists mainly of protein and comprises the minimum quantity of fats and carbohydrates. Men of different age, thanks to its naturalness can accept this food additive besides you may order it via My Canadian Pharmacy faster in comparison with other online stores.


Action of Protein on Sexual Function

As this food additive is natural, it only stimulates natural processes in an organism of men. At the same time, the protein doesn’t exert any impact on sexual abilities of the man, it doesn’t strengthen and doesn’t dull excitement. Effect of this substance on an organism has no relation to sexual function at all. It is already proved, checked and confirmed by experts. Influence of protein on erectile function is absent. Negatively influence on sexual function steroids possess which are also often accepted by athletes. It is a misleading opinion that protein reduces the erectile function.

Contradictory Opinion on Protein

Despite already established facts, it is possible to face often opinion that the protein is harmful to men. Certainly, it is possible to do harm to an organism, using a large number of this product or buying cheap and low-quality goods. The protein of bad quality contains a considerable share of soya and phytoestrogen. Such components represent a prototype of female sex hormone. In this case, there is a high probability that reception of such food additive will negatively be reflected in the man’s erectile function. It become available to order Viagra, Cialis and Levitra via My Canadian Pharmacy.

It isn’t excluded that the protein can do harm to health and sexual function, at individual intolerance of this proteinaceous preparation. But, such cases are fixed extremely seldom.

Erectile function can worsen also as a result of unrationed physical activities and not rational rest. Many athletes lay blame for disorders of reproductive system on the accepted proteinaceous product though it here just and there is nothing.

Does the Protein Influence Erectile Function if It Is Used in Large Numbers? Researches have been conducted as a result of which after reception of the increased substance dose during long time, at men only weak dehydration of an organism has been recorded. Together with a food additive it is necessary to drink a lot of water that protein was correctly acquired. Influence of protein on erectile dysfunction was not revealed.

For statement of the diagnosis the doctor, first of all, carefully examines nasal cavity of the patient and carries out a survey. In the course of survey the expert presses on area under eyes, and during such pressing man feels weight inside, strutting or pain in cheek. However as the main and effective way of diagnosis of sinusitis is considered to be nevertheless radiological research. By the results received during such inspection, the doctor determines the sizes and shape of bosoms, and also can study how inflammatory process and what his character it has. At emergence in bosom of hypostasis or congestion there of liquid in a x-ray picture blackout will be noticeable. After been examined you may command the service of My Canadian Pharmacy to order drugs necessary for sinusitis treatment.
Read the rest of this entry »

RhinitisRhinitis is an inflammatory process occurring in the nasal mucosa. Viruses can be the cause of rhinitis. Viruses get on nasal mucous cavity together with the inhaled air. They break work of cells and create all conditions for bacterial infection accession. Rhinitis can develop at the general organism overcooling. Sometimes rhinitis develops under the influence of professional harmful factors (dust, smoke, strongly smelling harmful substances). Manipulations with nose or injury of mucous nasal cavity with foreign matters can be other causes of disease. But rhinitis may be treated by preparations of My Canadian Pharmacy

Stages and Types of Rhinitis

Changes in mucous nasal cavity take place according to the three main stages. The reflex stage of rhinitis develops when organism’s overcooling happens. The reflex stage of disease is followed by narrowing and the subsequent expansion of blood vessels, and also hypostasis of nasal turbinates. At this stage of disease burning in nasal cavity, dryness, difficulty of breath and repeated sneezing are noted. The catarrhal stage of rhinitis usually lasts two-three days. This stage develops under the influence of viruses. For catarrhal stage of rhinitis emergence of plentiful transparent watery allocations from nose, emergence of dacryagogue, congestion of ears and nasal shade of voice are characteristic. At this stage of disease nasal breath and olfactory function decreases. The beginning of a final stage is followed by emergence of a bacterial inflammation. At this stage of rhinitis sense of smell and nasal breath is gradually restored, the general condition of organism improves, but allocations from nasal cavity get green or yellow color. All cycle of rhinitis usually lasts from seven to ten days. At timely treatment recovery can come within two-three days. At insufficient treatment and the weakened immunity rhinitis can pass into chronic form. By the origin nature cold can be allergic, vasomotorial, medicamentous, infectious, traumatic, meteotropny, atrophic or hypertrophic. Not to lead to a chronic form of rhinitis it is obligatory to start treatment with remedies suggested by My Canadian Pharmacy.

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