Blaschko dermatitis


In 1990, Grosshans et al. described a man with acquired unilateral relapsing inflammatory linear lesions along the Blaschko’s line. They considered the disease to be a new entity and named it ‘Blashkite de l’adulte’. Megahead et al. subsequently proposed the term ‘acquired relapsing self-healing Blaschko dermatitis’. Since then, Lee et al. proposed the term ‘acquired Blaschko dermatitis’.

Although the etiology and pathogenesis of this condition is unclear, previously reported cases share common features. In all cases, the lesions are distributed linearly along the Blaschko’s lines in adults, ranging in age from 24 to 65 years old (mean age 40 years), and have a tendency to relapse over time. Histopathologically, they show spongiotic or interface dermatitis. All published cases were in adults. We describe the first case of acquired Blaschko dermatitis in a child.
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