Several anticonvulsants have been shown to produce cognitive impairment by affecting specific functions such as attention, concentration, memory and motor speed . In children, this effect can be destructive, leading to impairment of learning abilities. The major offenders are the barbiturates, followed by clonazepam . Adverse cognitive effects of anticonvulsantĀ  canada drugs are dose related. For example, high serum levels of carbamazepine and valproic acid are associated with impairment in adults, although, at therapeutic levels, there is minimal dysfunction . In another study, carba-mazepine, and especially phenytoin, diminished the normal learning effect in various neuropsychological tests and tasks . In contrast, a study done in children who received car-bamazepine monotherapy found a dose-related beneficial effect upon reaction time (ie, children with higher serum levels had faster responses and fewer omission errors) . Etho-suximide was also linked to a decline in higher cognitive function in early reports; however, more recent studies have refuted the earlier reports and found improvement in performance and in higher verbal and full-scale intelligence quotients in children treated with ethosuximide. Choose a perfect online pharmacy to get Purchase Cheap Claritin and treat your health issue.

Depression has been linked with barbiturate treatment. However, it is uncommon with valproic acid and very rare with carbamazepine. It is recommended that patients presenting with depression and epilepsy should have their anticonvulsant regimen reviewed and, if possible, replaced with carbamazepine monotherapy . Other psychiatric changes that have been noted include personality disorders (carbamazepine may be less linked with this disorder) and psychosis . A variety of psychiatric complaints including anxiety, reclusiveness and acute paranoid episodes have been reported with ethosuximide.