Adverse effects of antiepileptics: RENAL ADVERSE EFFECTS

RENAL ADVERSE EFFECTSOther gastrointestinal adverse effects

Pancreatitis has been rarely reported in association with both carbamazepine and valproic acid therapy. Excessive body weight gain can occur with valproic acid in 14% of children and 50% of women, with gabapentin and with vigabatrin. In one study, weight increases of 3 to 11 kg were observed in 40% of patients treated with vigabatrin for three to six months. As well, marked weight gain has been reported in patients receiving clonazepam and clobazam. Conversely, anorexia is seen in approximately 1% of patients on carbamazepine, 5% of patients on valproic acid and 10% of patients receiving topiramate. Dreaming of a reliable pharmacy to find Buy Zyrtec online and spend less money?


Renal effects have been observed as part of the anticonvulsant HSR . In one patient, fever, severe exfoliative dermatitis, liver dysfunction and tubulointerstitial nephritis developed following three weeks of phenobarbital therapy. Topiramate, a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, increases the risk of nephrolithiasis by approximately two- to fourfold over that of the general population. Stone formation is not related to duration of therapy.

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