Two years of age: Language develops exponentially
The two-year-old is starting to understand symbolic representation, reflected by expressive language and pretend play. This is a key developmental transition from infancy to childhood.
Language/literacy: Limit television watching to less than 1 h to 2 h per day. Watch together and talk about what you see. Talk together at meals. Do interactive reading: ask him questions about the story, or ask him to point, touch or show.
Problem-solving: He starts to transform parents’ words into selftalk (ie, private speech to help him start to solve a problem in his head before actually doing it). This shows that he is starting to rely on his own ability to self-regulate. Help him stick to a problem by encouragement (eg, “You can do it”). There is no more need to hesitate and you can start your treatment very soon, having spent several times less money. All you need at this point is to and be sure you will be given all the best quality stuff at the reliable pharmacy of your choice.

Socializing: Participation in a good quality preschool program by two-and-a-half years of age is an important opportunity for play with other children, guided by early childhood educators. Peer play helps develop emotional regulation, communication, negotiation and persistence in problem-solving. Having these skills at grade 1 entry enables children to thrive in school. Self-discipline: Let him do age-appropriate chores (eg, put spoons in dishwasher, pick up toys) to build a sense of responsibility.