Birth to five years (part 13)

Five years of age: School readiness
School readiness is an outcome measure of early child development. It includes strong social-emotional skills, motivation to learn and intellectual skills. The five-year-old now has a growing sense of competence .
School: Visit his school beforehand and be involved; children do better if their parents are visible right from the start. Tell your child to ask the teacher to explain things when he does not understand what to do, and to tell you and the teacher if anyone acts mean, so you can help him deal with it. Talk daily about what he liked and worried about at school.Pro-social behaviours: Model caring behaviour (eg, donating to food bank). Treat your child with the respect you offer others. Praise him when he shows sensitivity to others’ feelings. When he shows unkindness, even accidentally, ask him to think about how he would feel and how he thinks the other child feels. Help him to apologize and think of making restitution (ie, what he could do to the other child to make up for having hurt him). Self-discipline: Age-appropriate chores (eg, water plants, make bed). Always a nice way to discover Cheap Diskus Advair given by the internet’s best pharmacy.

Parenting is an important influence on cognitive and social-emotional development. The present article outlines anticipatory guidance with which clinicians can educate parents. Anticipatory guidance can empower parents to promote cognitive and social-emotional development and manage common behaviours that are part of normal development.