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Birth control

Alesse is considered to be one of the most popular and reliable birth control medications, that contain a combination of active hormones (ethinyl estradiol, synthetic estrogen and progesterone). The contraceptive is for oral administration and every pill contains 0,02 estrogen and 0,1 levonorgestrel (that is a combination of estrogen and progesterone). The contraceptive is taken not only to prevent unplanned pregnancy, but to treat and control acne in young women over 14 years old, to treat irregular monthly periods and alleviate menstrual pain. Another contraceptive pill that has approximately the same effect is Micrette. This medication is also frequently prescribed to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.
As well as many other combined contraceptives, birth control alesse works in two directions. First of all, its active components obstruct ovulation. No unfertilized ovum – no risk of getting pregnant. Secondly, the medication changes the cervical mucus to prevent sperm from reaching an ovum and penetrate it (in other words, to fertilize it).The mucilage becomes thick and difficult to move. But still, if there are some of the most active sperm who can reach the ovum and penetrate it, the hormonal combination contained into one Alesse pill will prevent the fertilized ovum from attaching to the womb lining. The growth and development of the ovum (read “future embryo”) is impossible being unattached and even if the egg is fertilized, it will leave a woman’s body in some time with regular uterine discharge.
Like many other oral contraceptives, Alesse must be taken regularly at approximately the same time. There is a certain number of pills in each pack, a pill per each day of the menstrual cycle. Do not skip your daily dose as it may make your delayed dream about maternity become true too soon. Birth control Alesse must be taken in full accordance with your doctor’s prescription. There are some points that are worth of discussing with your physician. First of all, inform your doctor if you are on other medicines, including food additives, vitamins and over-the-counter medicines. Some of them may lessen the effect of birth control Alesse and make you a future mother. In those cases when you missed a dose take it as soon as the thought came to your clear head and see to a backup method of contraception to be sure you won’t become a parent. Besides, if you want to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases or HIV, you would better use another type of contraception. Birth control Alesse doesn’t protect from this kind of disorders.
Tell your doctor and do not take Alesse pills if you know you are pregnant, have recently had a baby, suffered from breast or uterine cancer, you have problems with liver or heart disorders of any kind or even unusual menstrual bleeding.
As for the list of side effects, it may include such signs as nausea, weight changes, uncommon hair growth and melasma. As a rule these effects don’t exist more than a week or two, but if they don’t settle down soon or they bother you, tell your doctor about it.
Don’t drink alcohol and avoid smoking when you take birth control Alesse. If you need any further information, call your GP or consult a pharmacist.

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