from diabetic mothers (part 3)

Metabolic measurements: Metabolic parameters such as fasting blood glucose level and urinary excretion of glucose collected over 24 h were measured by standard laboratory methods (GLUCO-GOD-POD enzymatic assay, Reanal, Budapest, Hungary). These estimations were carried out four times during the experimental procedure: before mating; before streptozotocin administration on day 8 of gestation; on day 12 of gestation; and on the last (21st) day of gestation. Blood glucose level was also measured in seven-day-old rats from metabolically healthy and diabetic mothers. The values of blood glucose of the metabolically healthy mothers were not different during gestation 3.6±0.8 mmol/L; 4.0±0.4 mmol/L; 4.3±0.8 mmol/L; 4.8±0.4 mmol/L) and no glucose was excreted in urine. The first two measurements in the experimental group were within the same range 3.8±0.5 mmol/L; 3.7±0.6 mmol/L]; after the induction of diabetes, blood glucose was markedly elevated during both intervals 11.2±0.8 mmol/L; 13.7±0.8 mmol/L]. The difference was statistically significant (P<0.001) against both the baseline and the corresponding control values. Furthermore, in the streptozotocin-treated rats glucose was excreted in urine in significant amounts (29±15 mmol/day). The values of blood glucose of control and experimental seven-day-old neonatal rats were not different (4.58±0.49 mmol/L versus 5.12±0.25 mmol/L). You can shop with a reliable pharmacy – buy celexa online to pay less for high quality.