Cardiac contractile function and inotropic responsiveness to calcium in newborn rats from diabetic mothers (part 5). RESULTS / buy antidepressants celexa

RESULTS / buy antidepressants celexa


Statistical analysis: Data are expressed as means ± SEM. Each observation was obtained from at least seven hearts in each age group. The differences among the groups were statistically evaluated by one-way ANOVA. The Student-Newman-Keuls test was used for multiple comparison among groups; the results were taken to be significant whenP<0.05.
Weight parameters: Body and heart weight parameters are summarized in Table 1. Absolute body and heart weights were similar in offspring of control and diabetic mothers on the first postnatal day. During further development, the values for the offspring of diabetic mothers were markedly lower. The development of relative heart weight exhibited two different trends in the two groups: an increase from days 1 to 4 (indicating faster heart growth), expressed much more in experimental offspring, followed by a decrease from days 4 to 7. Cheapest drugs online – buy antidepressants celexa for you to spend less money every time.

TABLE 1 Body weight, heart weight and heart weight to body weight ratio in offspring of control and experimental diabetic rats

Postnatal day
1 4 7
Body weight (g)
Control t5.6±0.4 9.6±0.4 14.6±1.2
Experimental t5.5±0.4 7.0±0.7* 9.6±0.4*
Heart weight (mg)
Control 25.9±2.6 48.2±3.0 64.6±3.7
Experimental 26.4±1.7 38.6±6.3 44.2±1.2*
Heart to body weight ratio (mg/g)
Control 4.6±0.3 5.0±0.2 4.6±0.2
Experimental 4.8±0.2 6.2±0.4* 4.6±0.1


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