Effects on conduction intervals and sinus rate: Tedisamil caused a dose-dependent prolongation of AV nodal (AH interval), His bundle (HV interval) and intraventricular (QRS interval) conduction, which reached significance at higher concentrations. The spontaneous sinus rate was significantly reduced by all concentrations of tedisamil (Table 1). The JT interval evaluated at a constant pacing rate of 240 ms was significantly prolonged by 10 |J.M tedisamil (Figure 2).Increasing concentrations of D-sotalol induced prolongation of AV nodal conduction, which reached significance at 3 and 10 |J,M. The QRS interval was also slightly but significantly prolonged, whereas His bundle conduction remained unchanged. Sinus node activity was dose-dependently reduced, which reached significance at 3 and 10 |J.M (Table 1). D-sotalol induced a slight, and at 10 |J.M a significant, prolongation of the JT interval, evaluated at a ventricular rate of 240 ms (Figure 2).

Cardiac electrophysiological effects of two class III antiarrhythmic agents, tedisamil and D-sotalol

Figure 2 Influence of tedisamil and D-sotalol on the repolarzation period (JT interval) at a constant pacing rate (S1-S1 = 240 ms). Values are means ± SEM  
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