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Comparison of Real and Placebo Acupuncture in Histamine-Induced Asthma: DiscussionThis method of studying the effect of a controversial modality of treatment, such as acupuncture, has significant advantages over clinical studies. In the latter, varying environmental conditions may influence the severity of bronchial asthma and thereby, influence the results to some extent. At the same time, this method has the disadvantage that it investigates only the bronchial smooth muscle reactivity to a chemical mediator without studying the part played by neural reflex or inflammatory changes in bronchial mucosa. Notwithstanding these disadvantages, acute acupuncture therapy as given in this study, is unlikely to help in the management of acute asthma because it does not attenuate bronchial smooth muscle reactivity. This failure to attenuate bronchial hyperreactivity to histamine following acupuncture was not due to any change in the basal lung function because the basal lung functions on the three study days were not significantly different. more

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  • Results
    All patients included in the study were considered to have moderately severe asthma because they required regular bronchodilator therapy together with inhaled beclomethasone or sodium cromoglycate to remain symptom-free. Except for one, PC20 of all patients on the control day was less than 1.0 mg (Table 1). No patient prior to the study had evidence of airflow obstruction and Deo measurements of all patients were normal. The age of onset of asthma ranged from birth to 55 years of age. Comparison of basal FEVj values on the three study days showed no significant differences and the basal pulmonary function status of patients was similar on the three study days (Table 2). Comparison of PC20 on the control day with those seen after real and placebo acupuncture were also not statistically different (Table 3). There was no significant difference in the PC20 following real acupuncture and that following placebo acupuncture. All patients tolerated acupuncture well, apart from one child who developed a transient fainting sensation. further

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  • Comparison of Real and Placebo Acupuncture in Histamine-Induced Asthma: AcupunctureAcupuncture
    Real and placebo acupuncture was given by a physician who was also a trained acupuncturist in the Chinese method of acupuncture. The acupuncture points used for real acupuncture were Dingchuan, Ren 17 (Shanzhong), lung 6 and lung 7. Dingchuan, used for the treatment of acute asthma, is located 0.5 cun from the midline between C7 and T1 spinous processes. A “cun” is the distance between the creases of the two interphalangeal joints when the middle finger is fully flexed. Ren 17 (Shanzhong) regulates lung function and is located on the front of the chest between the nipples. In females, the 4th intercostal space is used. Lung 6 (Kongzui) is located on the anterior aspect of the forearm, 7 cun above the wrist crease. Lung 6 is used for treating acute lung conditions. Lung 7 (lieque), located 1.5 cuns above the radial stylod process, is supposed to relieve airflow obstruction in the lung. cialis professional

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  • Pulmonary Function Testing
    After 30 min of rest, baseline pulmonary function assessment with measurements of FVC and FEV\, using the best of the three vital capacity efforts, was done on a water-filled spirometer of 10-L capacity (Goddard Expirograph, Could Instruments, Cleveland). Transfer factor for Deo was measured, using Morgan transfer test system (P.K. Morgan Ltd., Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom), in the past three months during a routine pulmonary physiologic evaluation of the patients. After baseline FEV, and FVC was recorded, an aerosol of phosphate-buffered saline solution via a Wight nebulizer with oxygen at a flow rate of 7 L/min, was given for two minutes with the nose clipped. cialis professional

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  • Comparison of Real and Placebo Acupuncture in Histamine-Induced Asthma

    Nov 15, 2014 Author: Walter Mcneil | Filed under: Asthma

    Comparison of Real and Placebo Acupuncture in Histamine-Induced AsthmaA Double-Blind Crossover Study
    Although acupuncture has been used for thousands L of years for many diseases, reports in the literature on beneficial effects of acupuncture on asthma are conflicting. While a number of workers have reported a significant benefit in the control of asthma following acupuncture, almost an equal number of workers failed to show any significant improvement in the control of asthma following acupuncture. Experimentally, in a controlled double-blind crossover study, Tashkin et al showed that acupuncture improved methacholine-induced bronchospasm to some extent. Fung et al showed that both real and placebo acupuncture, applied 20 min before exercise, attenuated exercise-induced asthma but that the benefit from real acupuncture was greater than that produced by placebo acupuncture. Increased bronchial reactivity to inhaled histamine is one of the characteristic features of asthma. Makino showed that the level of bronchial reactivity to histamine has a relationship to the symptoms and severity of asthma.


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  • How to understand your asthma is worsened

    Oct 31, 2012 Author: Walter Mcneil | Filed under: Asthma

    Asthma inhalersPeople, diagnosed or not diagnosed but having Asthma, know that the symptoms of the disease may vary from season to season and from one case of the disease to another. Sometimes, especially when a patient doesn’t know the ropes, it is difficult to say whether the symptoms are Ok or they have worsened. This is the main reason why asthmatics should cooperate with his healthcare professional and make an efficient asthma treatment plan.
    Asthma symptoms can be divided into three zone of danger, beginning with the safest, normal zone. When your asthma treatment goes the right way, the symptoms of the disease do not put themselves on the map and you realize you may do whatever you have been doing before without thinking about possible attack. Playing active games, running, walking with your dog… everything is possible. Of course, this state doesn’t deliver you from the necessity to buy asthma inhaler and keep it nearby, just in case. Besides, you have to remember about relieving medication more seldom and thus you may consider your asthma symptoms to be under control. Although this fact doesn’t mean that you may stop taking the preventive drug without consulting with your doctor. (more…)

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  • How to use dry-powder asthma inhalers

    Oct 29, 2012 Author: Walter Mcneil | Filed under: Asthma

    Asthma inhalers

    People, suffering from asthma, often take medications using inhalers for this purpose. Inhaled medication starts working faster than drugs for oral administration. Besides, inhalers afford to take lower doses of the drug.
    You might have used one of wide spread modern inhalers: metered-dose inhaler. But as compared with this type of inhalers, dry-powder asthma inhalers are entirely different devices. Here are the directions for using dry-powder inhalers.
    Dry-powder inhaler affords to deliver the medication straight into the lungs. It uses the force of an inhale for delivering the drug: when a person inhales, the drug gets into the lungs through the device. This type of asthma inhalers is represented by a wide range of devices of different dimensions and forms. Some of them contain medication, the others require to be filled up every time they are used. Your doctor in charge or a pharmacist can tell you how to fill up a dry-powder inhaler without assistance. Usually the method of filling the inhaler depends on the type of inhaler. (more…)

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  • Seems strange until you try it: online drugstores

    Aug 17, 2012 Author: Walter Mcneil | Filed under: Asthma

    Buy Asthma Inhalers online

    Not long time ago while searching for something interesting in the Internet my eye was caught by a colorful advertising block. Pretty woman in a doctor’s form smiled me from the monitor inviting to a site to buy asthma inhalers online. I don’t exactly know what made me click on the banner, banal curiosity or strong desire to know how it works, but in a few minutes I was already reading the terms of payment for the purchase. Now I will share this information with you.

    After pressing the button “Buy Asthma Inhalers Online” I was redirected to the drugstore’s page. It must be said that the list of asthma medicaments they offered at once surprised with the variety of items included. Various drug dosage forms, manufacturers and brands… I didn’t know where to look first! But if I “decided” to “Buy Asthma Inhalers Online” it would be logical to have a look at this section. Keeping in my head the real, purely pragmatic purpose of the experiment I looked through the list of items thoroughly as if I was looking for something necessary and clicked on the sign “Buy” under the image of Ventolin inhaler and waited for the next stage of Online-shopping. The next step I had to make to own the drug was filling a form with my billing, shipping information and choosing a method of payment. The only thing I wanted to know right now is Privacy Policy. It is strictly recommended to read this boring but important document if you care about safety of your personal information. After all the operations I was to become a happy owner of the inhaler but decided to stop. All in all, it’s just fo fun.




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