In Ontario, all medications can be prescribed by physicians. Other health professionals including dentists, chiropodists, midwives and optometrists are permitted to prescribe medications that are used in the course of engaging in the practice of his or her profession. Prescriptions are the instructions from the prescriber directing the dispensing of a drug or mixture of drugs — buy antibiotics online for a designated person, which are subsequently dispensed by pharmacists. A pharmacist dispensing a medication for an ODB beneficiary in a community pharmacy receives remuneration after submitting a claim to the ODB.

This claim summarizes information on the medication dispensed, including the Drug Identification Number (DIN) that indicates the drug, dosage form and strength; and the date, quantity and duration of the dispensation. In general, administrative drug claims databases are believed to reflect accurately medications dispensed because pharmacists must submit a claim to receive payment and routine monitoring and other measures are used to limit misreporting. Once received, consistency checks are implemented to reduce coding errors. Despite these consistency checks, studies have shown that errors on drug claims databases do appear.