Coding accuracy of administrative

One study of the Quebec RAMQ medication claims database showed that, of 1.9 million claims for dispensed prescriptions, between 0% and 0.4% of records were either out of range or had missing values in the fields for the individual identifiers, drug, quantity, date dispensed and duration . The accuracy of the information on medications in the RAMQ database was also examined in 723 prescriptions filled by 306 elderly patients attending one internal medicine clinic. Of these prescriptions, 83% were filled and correctly identified the patient and the drug, and in 89% of 5999 records examined, the prescribing physician was correctly identified . The quantity and duration of the prescriptions were accurate in 69.1% and 72.1% of records, respectively. However, there is no published information on the reliability of coding on the ODB drug claims database. asthma inhalers

The primary objective of the present study was to estimate the reliability of coding pharmacy claims data, including errors found on the DIN, and the date, quantity and duration of the dispensation on claims sent to the ODB. The secondary objective was to determine whether the location, owner affiliation or productivity of the pharmacy was significantly associated with coding errors.