Development of Halo Nevus Around Nevus Spilus as a Central Nevus

Halo nevus


Halo nevus has been termed as leukoderma acquisitum centrifugum or Sutton’s nevus; this is a benign melanocytic nevus that’s surrounded by a hypopigmented zone, and this type of lesion is found in about 1% of the normal population. Depig¬≠mented zones appear mostly around several types of acquired pigmented lesions, such as dermal, junc- tional and compound nevi, Spitz’s nevus and malignant melanomas. In contrast, it is rare that depigmented zones develop around a congenital nevus. Sometimes, vitiligo also appears concurrently in the nearby regions, as in our current case. Vitiligo is frequently associated with a halo nevus (18 ~ 26%), and appears in nearby regions as well as at other remote sites. Herein we report on a 13-year-old boy who developed a depigmented zone around a congenital nevus spilus on the right side of his neck at the age of 6, there were simultaneous vitiligo lesions on his face.¬†Viagra Professional

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