Expensive technologies or cheap quality?


“Expensive does not always mean qualitative” – this phrase is very popular among those people who prefers to buy cheap antibiotics. Indeed there were many cases when a medicine that cost a pretty money did not help to relieve symptoms of a disease. Various drug manufacturers while advertising their production assure customers and doctors in its immediate effect and promise to return the spent money back if it doesn’t help. And although it is nothing but an advertising gimmick, lots of patients “swallow” this information and run for this remedy to get recovered as soon as it’s possible. Don’t hurry up.

Just think it over, every individual’s illness takes its individual course and no one but your personal doctor can tell you what medicine to take and what to do. In many cases instead of buying an expensive or necessary antibiotics produced abroad your doctor will probably suggest you to buy cheap antibiotics that have approximately the same effect and will not hit your purse. As the rule these antibiotics are produced in your country without employment high technologies that increase the price of a medicine. Even though they say that recent technologies afford to make the produced remedy more effective and cheap. Besides not without a reason it is demanded in every type of ads to mention a recommendation to consult a doctor before buying and taking this medicine. Nowadays various brands of medical agents are nothing but the same active component produced in different pharmaceutical dosage forms, packing and design. Keep in mind that only a medical specialist can understand the pharmaceutical characteristics of the drug’s active components. That’s why it is strictly recommended to talk to your doctor about possibility to take a drug. The main word here is possibility. Don’t demand from your GP to prescribe you an antibiotic that you think will help you to recover. It may be very possible that you will not be able to tale this drug due to various contraindications and other reasons.

We don’t insist that every qualitative but expensive medicine may be substituted by a cheap one. Not at all. There exist a lot of new drugs on the pharmaceutical market that have no analogs. Of course they may cost a pretty penny. In this case don’t even try to save money and buy cheap antibiotics. Follow your doctor’s advice and buy medicaments in full accordance with the treatment plan individually developed by him. It goes without saying that nobody should practice self-medication. First of all because it may make a health hazard as only a GP can set a correct diagnosis. Secondly, taking drugs without a treatment plan may become a reason of multidrug bacterial resistance that will complicate future treatment of a disease.

If you cannot afford yourself an expensive drug prescribed, just tell your doctor about it. He will probably revise your personal treatment plan and you’ll get the opportunity to buy cheap antibiotics.

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