Asthma inhalersPeople, diagnosed or not diagnosed but having Asthma, know that the symptoms of the disease may vary from season to season and from one case of the disease to another. Sometimes, especially when a patient doesn’t know the ropes, it is difficult to say whether the symptoms are Ok or they have worsened. This is the main reason why asthmatics should cooperate with his healthcare professional and make an efficient asthma treatment plan.
Asthma symptoms can be divided into three zone of danger, beginning with the safest, normal zone. When your asthma treatment goes the right way, the symptoms of the disease do not put themselves on the map and you realize you may do whatever you have been doing before without thinking about possible attack. Playing active games, running, walking with your dog… everything is possible. Of course, this state doesn’t deliver you from the necessity to buy asthma inhaler and keep it nearby, just in case. Besides, you have to remember about relieving medication more seldom and thus you may consider your asthma symptoms to be under control. Although this fact doesn’t mean that you may stop taking the preventive drug without consulting with your doctor.
When your asthma condition should cause concern, you use your inhaler more frequent and notice that the effect is not the same. The zone of losing control is characterized by impossibility to do exercises as they may cause another asthma attack. You buy asthma inhaler and it is empty soon because you have to use it at night fighting nocturnal asthma attacks. Asthma symptoms became the weighty reason for missing lessons or work. Recently colds and other infections of the chest bother you more often. If you recognized here your own situation, it would be great if you could talk to your doctor about it, because the worsened symptoms may require your treatment plan to be changed.
The third and the most dangerous zone is the zone of emergency. You are in this zone if your asthma attacks became severe, for example: cough became excessive as well as wheezing, the sense of chest tightness became more extreme and the breathing takes more energy. If you also noticed unusually increased sweating, nervousness or fear, gasping voice, declined activity, and your reliever doesn’t help you anymore, this is a reason for getting emergency medical help. Do not delay a call to the doctor. It is possible you need to buy asthma inhaler with a stronger effect or adjust the treatment plan in accordance with your current state.
The third zone will be inaccessible, if you follow recommendations of your healthcare provider and take the medication regularly. If you realize that there are only a few doses left in your inhaler, visit the doctor to get a refill. Always buy asthma inhaler in advance. Asthma condition should be properly treated to avoid negative consequences.