How to use dry-powder asthma inhalers

Asthma inhalers

People, suffering from asthma, often take medications using inhalers for this purpose. Inhaled medication starts working faster than drugs for oral administration. Besides, inhalers afford to take lower doses of the drug.
You might have used one of wide spread modern inhalers: metered-dose inhaler. But as compared with this type of inhalers, dry-powder asthma inhalers are entirely different devices. Here are the directions for using dry-powder inhalers.
Dry-powder inhaler affords to deliver the medication straight into the lungs. It uses the force of an inhale for delivering the drug: when a person inhales, the drug gets into the lungs through the device. This type of asthma inhalers is represented by a wide range of devices of different dimensions and forms. Some of them contain medication, the others require to be filled up every time they are used. Your doctor in charge or a pharmacist can tell you how to fill up a dry-powder inhaler without assistance. Usually the method of filling the inhaler depends on the type of inhaler.
The main feature that distinguishes dry-powder inhalers from metered-dose devices is the drug form these inhalers release: it is powder. Many people find it easier and more comfortable to use this type of devices due to several reasons:
1. It is easy-to-use, because patients don’t need to coordinate the moment of releasing the drug and inhalation itself, as opposed to other types of inhalers.
2. The medication will be in the device until you inhale it.
3. Asthma inhalers of this type deliver into the lungs only certain amount of drug.
4. Dry-powder inhalers help to control asthma symptoms and minimize the impairment of lungs.
5. Efficiently prevents or reduces the risk of side effects as compared with medications for oral administration.
Talk to your doctor or a pharmacist to receive evidence that you use the inhaler correctly. Practice in front of a mirror. Use the inhaler according to the instruction.
An inhaler should be store in cold dry place. Do not keep it in bathroom as due to the exceeding moisture in the air the powder can stick together and adhere to the device’s inner surface.
Control the amount of drug left in the device. Some of dry-powder asthma inhalers have special dose counter that shows how many drug doses left inside. If your device doesn’t have the counter, ask your doctor how to understand the quantity of drug in the inhaler.
Keep in mind that your dry-powder inhaler requires regular cleaning because some of the drugs can block it, but there is no necessity to clean the device every day.
The correct use of dry-powder asthma inhalers includes the following steps:
• Take the cap off the inhaler. (Make sure that the remedy is exactly what you should take at the moment)
• Fill it up (if necessary).
• Slowly breathe out all the air from the lungs. (Meanwhile keep the device aside to avoid blowing of the medication out of it)
• Put the inhaler into the mouth and close your lips around the mouthpiece.
• Make a deep and quick inhale, take the device out and hold breathing for ~ 10 seconds. After it slowly breathe out.
Now you know how to manipulate with dry-powder asthma inhalers. If you still have any concerns, ask your doctor.

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