Ventolinis a frequently prescribed bronchodilator that belongs to a group of fast acting beta-adrenergic receptor agonists. This medication is used to treat symptomsof bronchial asthmaincluding severe unexpected attacks. Besides, Ventolincan be used to cure other respiratory disorders, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseor emphysema. Inhaled dose of Ventolinis to be quickly delivered into the lungs and starts working in 4-5 minutes and the effect lasts about 4 hours. Each dose contains propellant and activecomponent – Salbutamolsulfate. The remedy is contraindicated in people allergic to Salbutamol. Ventolinis available in the form of metered-dose inhaler, tabletsfor oral administration, syrup, and solution for nebulizing machine. Every metered-dose inhalercontains from 80 or 200 doses of 0,1 mg Salbutamol sulfate.
Ventolin 100 mcg cannot be used alone without other asthmatic medications though the remedy is effective not only in rapid relieving of asthma symptoms but as a part of long-term maintenance asthmatic therapy as well. A certain dose of Ventolin is also active in preventing of exercise-induced asthma attack.
Before a patient decides to buy Ventolin in a local drugstore, it is necessary to visit a doctor because certain people cannot use the drug due to some peculiarities of the organism. Take, for example, idiosyncrasy. Besides, nobody can legally sell a Ventolin 100 mcg inhaler without prescription. But patrons of online pharmacies can forget about this necessity as they usually get various drugs over the counter.
Ventolin should be taken exactly as it is directed by ; otherwise the risk of serious side effects may increase. Side effects experienced by Ventolin inhaler users are quite rare but may persist sometimes. Do not worry, if you feel headache, nausea, vomiting, giddiness, increased blood pressure, and throat irritation. Besides, a patient may feel muscle or bone pain. If those side effects bother or continue for a long time, (s)he should let the doctor know about it as soon as possible. When a patient doesn’t feel the expected relief or (s)he uses ventolin 100 mcg unusually often, it is a weighty reason to contact a doctor.
It is not recommended to use Ventolin 100 mcg to treat children without preliminary consulting a pediatrician. People with certain troubles with health are liable to side effects. That’s why a healthcare provider should know about all the conditions experienced and about all the medications taken (the latter is necessary to avoid unwanted drug interaction).
Pregnant, breast feeding and those women who are going to get pregnant soon should report the doctor in charge about it. If the doctor allows taking the medication, a breast-feeding mother should watch the suckling child carefully to observe if any of side effects occur.
Ventolin 100 mcg should be stored in a cold and dry place. Before use it is necessary to read the Patient Information leaflet carefully.