Mitochondrial DNA mutations and heart disease (part 4). DIABETES MELLITUS

Maternally transmitted diabetes mellitus associated with deafness and a mitochondrial DNA deletion of 10.4 kb was reported in 1992 . Part of the pedigree showed cardiomyopathy. Two pedigrees with maternally transmitted noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and deafness associated with an A to G transition at position 3243 of mitochondrial DNA were also reported in 1992: one pedigree included individuals with associated mitral valve prolapse and the other included individuals with associated cardiomyopathy . Therefore, a point mutation at position 3243 of mitochondrial DNA may be a common abnormality in patients with diabetes mellitus associated with deafness and cardiomyopathy.
Mitochondrial DNA mutations can be induced after birth. Age-dependent increases in deleted mitochondrial DNA in the human and rat myocardium have been observed . Myocardial mitochondrial DNA deletion was found in autopsy materials from patients with diabetes, myocardial infarction and in those treated with doxorubicin. Autopsy and biopsy specimens of ischemic hearts were reported to show increased mitochondrial DNA damage compared with normal hearts. Doxorubicin-induced myocardial mitochondrial DNA damage and deletion have been demonstrated in experimental animals. Therefore, free radicals appear to play a role in inducing mitochondrial DNA mutations in the pathological conditions described above. It’s time for you to start saving some money: you just need to visit the pharmacy that offers finest quality antibiotic levaquin with delivery straight to your door and all the confidentiality guarantees you ever need.

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