Surgical resection affords a significant survival benefit for patients with UICC stage I and II pancreatic cancer. The main goal of surgery is to achieve an oncological R0 resection. This R0 resection must include distant tissues, such as the perivascular nerves, extrapancreatic ganglia, lymph tissue in the hepatoduodenal ligament and lymph nodes in the paramesenteric location. We recommend adjuvant chemotherapy for all patients after surgical resection. Uncontrolled prospective trials have shown a five-year survival in one-third of patients following R0 resection combined with adjuvant chemotherapy. A small group of patients with UICC stage III cancer may benefit from neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy. In advanced pancreatic cancer, palliative chemotherapy (consisting of 5-fluoro-uracil plus folinic acid) is still the treatment of choice. Newer drugs, such as gemcitabine, seem to offer slightly better short term survival. Most advantageous shopping – buy glucophage for everyone to spend less.