The protein is a food additive which contains big concentration of albumen (more than 80%). It is applied mainly by athletes, for the purpose of increase in muscles volume as protein is a construction material of muscle bulk.

The protein is let out by various manufacturing brands of sports food, but the product is divided into three types:

  • Plasma protein. This type, on structure of components, is divided into a concentrate and isolate.
  • Ovalbumin is applied to increase in muscles and creation of body relief.
  • Soya protein possesses the same properties, but it is intended for vegetarians.

Each of the listed types of protein consists mainly of protein and comprises the minimum quantity of fats and carbohydrates. Men of different age, thanks to its naturalness can accept this food additive besides you may order it via My Canadian Pharmacy faster in comparison with other online stores.


Action of Protein on Sexual Function

As this food additive is natural, it only stimulates natural processes in an organism of men. At the same time, the protein doesn’t exert any impact on sexual abilities of the man, it doesn’t strengthen and doesn’t dull excitement. Effect of this substance on an organism has no relation to sexual function at all. It is already proved, checked and confirmed by experts. Influence of protein on erectile function is absent. Negatively influence on sexual function steroids possess which are also often accepted by athletes. It is a misleading opinion that protein reduces the erectile function.

Contradictory Opinion on Protein

Despite already established facts, it is possible to face often opinion that the protein is harmful to men. Certainly, it is possible to do harm to an organism, using a large number of this product or buying cheap and low-quality goods. The protein of bad quality contains a considerable share of soya and phytoestrogen. Such components represent a prototype of female sex hormone. In this case, there is a high probability that reception of such food additive will negatively be reflected in the man’s erectile function. It become available to order Viagra, Cialis and Levitra via My Canadian Pharmacy.

It isn’t excluded that the protein can do harm to health and sexual function, at individual intolerance of this proteinaceous preparation. But, such cases are fixed extremely seldom.

Erectile function can worsen also as a result of unrationed physical activities and not rational rest. Many athletes lay blame for disorders of reproductive system on the accepted proteinaceous product though it here just and there is nothing.

Does the Protein Influence Erectile Function if It Is Used in Large Numbers? Researches have been conducted as a result of which after reception of the increased substance dose during long time, at men only weak dehydration of an organism has been recorded. Together with a food additive it is necessary to drink a lot of water that protein was correctly acquired. Influence of protein on erectile dysfunction was not revealed.