Regulation of Gamma-Glutamyl Transpeptidase: DISCUSSION(5)

Indeed, GGT protein level in the 3-day-EDL initial segment also returned to the sham value after bFGF treatment (Fig. 6). Basic FGF-like proteins were also shown to be present in rRTF and the initial segment (Figs. 9 and 10), and the level of bFGF-like protein decreased in the initial segment after 3-day EDL (Fig. 10C). These results suggest that effects of rRTF on GGT catalytic activity and GGT protein level in the 3-day-EDL initial segment are at least partially due to the presence of bFGF-like proteins. buy diabetes drugs

Even though no protein bands were detected in oRTF preparations using a bFGF pAb (Fig. 9A), it is still possible that bFGF-like proteins were present in the oRTF and that those proteins could not be recognized by the bFGF pAb. To clarify this possibility, a bFGF mAb was used, and Western blot analysis showed that small amounts of bFGF-like proteins (34 and 67 kDa), which were not present in rRTF and recognized by the bFGF pAb, were present in oRTF (Fig. 9B). Using the same bFGF mAb, we also detected a 108-kDa protein band in the homogenate from the rat initial segment and found that the level of this protein decreased after 3-day EDL but returned to the sham control value after oRTF treatment (unpublished results). Therefore, the effects of oRTF on the GGT catalytic activity and GGT protein level (Figs. 3 and 4) could be due to other factors, besides bFGF-like proteins, present in oRTF preparations.

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