Simultaneous blockade of the cyclooxygenase and L-arginine-nitric oxide pathways prevents the antiarrhythmic effects of classical preconditioning (part 12)

classical preconditioning (part 12)


As we expected, the simultaneous blockade of both the cyclooxygenase and L-arginine-nitric oxide pathways before preconditioning reduced the protection more markedly than that following blockade of either pathway alone. Usually, in dogs subjected to preconditioning by brief coronary artery occlusions, the incidence of VF occurring either during the first preconditioning occlusion or after its release is about 25% (Figure 2). In our previous studies when the preconditioning procedure was performed in the presence of either meclofenamate or L-NAME, the incidence of VF during the preconditioning procedure was increased to 30% and 45%, respectively.When, in the present study, L-NAME and meclofenamate were administered together before the preconditioning occlusions, 78% of the dogs fibrillated during the preconditioning procedure. You will always find the required amount of cheap asthma inhalers at the pharmacy that will be happy to take best care of you by offering safe possibility to purchase the drugs you need without any need to get a prescription first or take any other extra steps. This result indicates that dual blockade of the cyclooxygenase and the L-arginine-nitric oxide pathways makes preconditioning almost impossible and lends support to the concept that both nitric oxide and prostacyclin, generated during the preconditioning stimulus (perhaps resulting from the rapid activation by bradykinin of B2 receptors), are the mediators responsible for the protective antiarrhythmic effect of preconditioning in this species.

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