Hemodynamic effects of meclofenamate, L-NAME and coronary artery occlusion: The hemodynamic effects of meclofenamate and L-NAME are summarized in Table 1. Meclofenamate administration resulted in no sufficient changes in any hemodynamic parameter. However, infusion of L-NAME significantly increased arterial blood pressure and LV systolic pressure, and reduced heart rate, LV end-diastolic pressure, and both positive and negative LV dP/dt (Table 1). Following coronary artery occlusion, changes in diastolic and mean arterial blood pressures were somewhat more marked after this drug treatment. Reductions in positive and negative LV dP/dt were similar in both groups.

The protocol was as follows (Figure 1).

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Figure 1 Experimental protocol for studies designed to evaluate the respective roles of nitric oxide and prostanoids in protection against ventricular arrhythmias by ischemic preconditioning (PC). PC was induced by two 5 min coronary artery occlusions separated by a 20 min reperfusion period; the control occlusion, 25 mins in duration, was begun 20 mins after the end ofthe second PC occlusion or afterPC but before the prolonged ischemic period. ic Intracoronary injection; iv Intravenous injection; L-NAME NG-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester; MF Meclofenamate 

TABLE 1 Hemodynamic effects of meclofenamate (2 mg/kg intravenously) and L-NAME (5 mg/kg intracoronary injection)

Beforemeclofenamate Meclofenamate Change BeforeL-NAME L-NAME Change
Arterial blood pressure (mmHg)
Systolic 121±8 127±7 6±2 125±8 141±8 16±3*
Diastolic 78±4 82±5 4±3 80±5 105±6 26±2*
Mean 92±5 97±6 5±2 95±5 117±7 22±2*
LV systolic pressure (mmHg) 125±7 130±7 5±2 129±7 147±4 18±3*
LVEDP (mmHg) 6±1 6±1 0 7±1 8±1 1±1
Heart rate (beats/min) 151±9 01±35


2±1 153±10 145±9 -8±2*
LV dP/dtmax (mmHg/s)
Positive 2746±162 2863±204 118±78 2817±204 3036±231 218±126
Negative 2560±114 2752±97 192±66 2674±100 2845±121 171±119

*P<0.05; n = 19. LV Left ventricle; L-NAME