The earliest skin grafts in Canada (part 1)

A summary of the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Montreal of April 1, 1871, is presented. In this meeting are presented what I believe to be the first reports of skin grafts in Canada, performed at two hospitals, each without knowledge that it was being performed elsewhere in the city. Even at this early stage, the basic requirements of grafting ulcers were clearly elucidated, and gratitude expressed to Dr Jacques Re-verdin, who devised the procedure.
Jacques Louis Reverdin was born in Switzerland in 1842. He came to Paris to study medicine. After completing his studies he became an ‘interne des Hopitaux’ in Paris in 1865. This was very difficult to obtain, especially for a non-French student. He later went to Guyon to become an interne at the Hopital Necker. It was there, in the surgical department, that he developed a method for grafting small pieces of skin on open wounds, which ‘took’, grew and allowed the healing of large wounds . He described his first case report in the Bulletin Imperial Societe, de Chirurgie de Paris in 1869. This article was read by and then tried by some British surgeons, who wrote about this procedure in various Brit i sh journals. Through these, the news of skin grafting first reached Canada. Find best deals an online pharmacy can offer and get a chance to start your treatment soon. You can now purchase Birth Control Ortho Tri Cyclen at the best pharmacy that will be sure to live up to your expectations every single time.