The earliest skin grafts in Canada

At the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Montreal held on April 1, 1871, Dr Wili iam Hingston read a paper eniiiled ‘Skin Grafting’. (Dr Hingston was one of Canada’s most illustrious surgeons in the second half of the 19th century. He was on the staff at the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Montreal for over 50 years, and was knighted by Queen Victoria in 1895.) He described two cases of chronic leg ulcers which were treated with skin grafts at the Hotel Dieu Hospital. The first involved a 72-year-old patient who was admitted on February 7, 1871, with an ulcer of the leg which had troubled him almost continually for 23 years. It was deep, spoon shaped, and on the inside of the tibia. It measured 4 by 3)4 inches, and was covered with an offensive, unhealthy looking greenish fluid. There were only a few pale granulations and the edges of the ulcer were thick and hard.
The patient was placed on bed rest, elevation of the legs, and a good diet. Initial local care consisted of compresses of 1/40 carbolic acid, and when the granulations were cleaner, ‘red wash’ and dressings. By March 9, one month later, the granui aiions were more healthy looking, and the edges no longer thick and indurated. The size of the ulcer had dei creased to 3)2 by 3 inches. Two days later Dr Hingston made two par al lel inci sions into the skin between the ulcer and the knee, and by using vertical incisions, obtained three small pieces of skin about the size of a grain of wheat. These were placed into incisions made into the granulations, equidistant from each other and the skin edges. They were covered by thin adhesive strips and a bandage. If you want to make your online shopping advantageous and safe, check out the best pharmacy to buy You finally have a choice and can find yourself a perfectly reliable pharmacy to shop with for best medications available: buy levaquin online and see how quick and easy it could be to spend less money.
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