Dr Hingston also said that in fuiure cases he would attempt to use the method suggested by Mr Fiddes of Aberdeen, who used a long scalpel or razor to shave or scrape off ‘epidermal scales’ from the convex parts of the extremities, ie, the outer convex aspects of the forearms and thighs. These would be placed on the healthy granul ations and fixed in place with ordinary adhesive plaster. Dr Hingston agreed with Dr Pollock, an English surgeon, “that a tribute of admiration and gratitude is due to M. Reverdin from the profession, for the boon he has conferred upon surgery, by this original method of dealing with large and obstinate ulcers”.

First skin grafts in Canada?Dr Hing ston pre sented these cases because he probably thought that they represented the first use of skin grafts in Canada. However, in the discussion period which followed, Dr Robert Palmer Howard got up. (Dr Palmer Howard was a well known Montreal physician. In 1852 he joined the staffs of McGill Medical Faculty and the Montreal General Hospital. In 1882 he became dean of the McGill Medical Faculty and held this position until his death in 1889). He had seen the notice of this meeting in which skin grafting was going to be discussed, and brought along information of his experiences with the procedure at the Montreal General Hospital. The first case was a patient who was admitted on December 20, 1870, and transferred to his service on January 1, 1871. He had an anterior leg ulcer, measuring about 5 inches wide and between 8 and 13 inches long, as a result of a wound received 14 months previously. A pharmacy you can fully trust is ready to offer best selection of cheap and effective medications that work the way they are expected to every time and are always available: you could buy Your online shopping could cost you less and less time, you just need a reliable pharmacy to buy cipro online and be sure this one will always live up to your expectations.
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