The Relationships Among Pulmonary Function, Aerobic Fitness, and Cognitive Functioning in Older COPD Patients: Procedure

The Relationships Among Pulmonary Function, Aerobic Fitness, and Cognitive Functioning in Older COPD Patients: ProcedureProcedure
Program Entry: Participants completed three screening-day visits prior to their completion of the cognitive tests. The institutional review board for research with human subjects approved all procedures. During the first screening visit, informed consent forms were supplied, explained, and signed. Participants then completed a pulmonary function test and a series of questionnaires, including the CESD and a medical history questionnaire. During the second screening visit, participants underwent a medical examination conducted by a physician and completed a GXT. During the third screening visit, participants completed questionnaires that were not related to this study and then completed the 6-min walk test. Participants who met all the necessary criteria for participation were asked to return to the laboratory to complete the cognitive tests. canadian health&care mall

Randomization: Because involvement in the REACT study required extensive testing and because the cognitive measures were not a primary outcome variable for REACT, participants were only available for 30 min of cognitive testing. Therefore, participants were randomly assigned to either Test Battery 1 (fluid intelligence, or “Fluid”), Test Battery 2 (processing speed and working memory span, or “Speed” and “Span”), or Test Battery 3 (“Speed” and reaction inhibition, or “Stopping”). Assignments were made on a random basis in all cases except when more than one participant was to be tested at the same time. In these cases, because only one computer was available for testing, the participants were all assigned to Test Battery 1. Completion of each test battery took approximately 30 min.
Statistical Analysis
All analyses were conducted using computer software (Statistical Package for Social Sciences, version 7.5 for Windows 95; SPSS Inc; Chicago, IL). Age, education level, depression score, pulmonary function variables, and fitness variables were used to predict performance on the cognitive functioning tests. For all tests, significance was set at a = 0.05.

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