Search of CADRIS Database

The CADRIS database was searched for all adverse reactions reported between January 1, 1998, and March 31, 2006, and classified as “allergic”, “anaphylactic”, “anaphylactoid reaction”, “anaphylaxis”, or “anaphylactic shock”, where an IV antibiotic was identified as the suspected or a concomitant drug. Records for these adverse reactions were extracted and analyzed by one author (S.M.) to ascertain the details of drug administration and outcome.

Survey of CCACs

A voluntary survey (Appendix 1) of the policies and practices of CCACs in Ontario was administered by e-mail. The survey included questions about first-dose IV administration of medication and requirements for epinephrine availability. Follow-up to nonresponders was performed by e-mail and/or telephone calls 2 weeks after the initial request. This survey was not formally validated. cialis 20 mg

Survey of Health Care Professionals

A voluntary survey was administered by e-mail to physicians affiliated with the Canadian Infectious Disease Society (CIDS) (Appendix 2) and pharmacists registered with the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists Professional Specialty Network (PSN) for those with an interest in infectious diseases and/or parenteral therapy (Appendix 3). The survey sought information about policies for first-dose outpatient IV administration of antibiotics and for epinephrine availability, as well as expert opinion regarding the safety of first-dose outpatient IV antibiotic therapy for certain patient groups and the need for epinephrine prescription. The survey was not formally validated and was sent only once.