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Active sex life
Active sex life is important for many various reasons. To begin with it helps to relieve stress, improve the immune system, lower blood pressure and burn up to 85 calories per one hour. However, at times having it is really problematic. And this is when Canadian Pharmacy Levitra becomes handy.

This is an FDA approved medication that becomes more and more popular due to the great results and fewer side effects it provides. Unlike many other similar ED drugs, Levitra ensures first results in 15 minutes, and these results last up to 16 hours or even more. Such long lasting and fast effects make it the best variant for those, who had to refuse from normal sexual life, because of erectile dysfunction.

Still, these are far not all characteristic features that make Canadian Pharmacy Levitra so popular. This medication is not sensitive to alcohol and foods, which means that any user can refuse from having planned sex life and give preference to spontaneous relations. However, it is important to remember that there are some foods that should better be avoided, if one is aiming at fast results. These are fatty foods that make the pills work slower and in a less effective way.

How to Take Levitra?

It is recommended to take the pills by mouth, either with or without water. For a better result, take it in half an hour before sexual activity. Never double the prescribed dose or take an extra one, as this may lead to overdosage.

Who Should Avoid Taking ED Pills?

There are a few categories of men, who are not allowed to take Levitra:

  • those with kidney, liver or heart conditions
  • those under alpha-blocker medication or nitrates
  • hose allergic to the main ingredients of the ED medicine
  • those on pills for HIV infection
  • those on pills for fungal infections (itraconazole and ketoconazole)
  • those, who took Levitra during past 24 hours

In case you are not sure about the ingredients of the pills you are taking, you should better consult your pharmacist or doctor. Why shouldn’t nitrates be taken? When combined with Vardenafil – Levitra’s main ingredient – they trigger the drop of blood pressure to very low. This may lead to stroke, heart attack, fainting or dizziness.

In some cases the use of the medication is allowed. The doctor examines his patients and defines, whether it is possible to take Levitra, but in smaller doses. He usually sets a plan for the patients (what to eat and drink before sex, what dosage to take, what results to expect and what to do in case of adverse reactions). This is when the medication can help in battling against importance.

Follow all the prescription recommendations, while being on Canadian Pharmacy Levitra. Though it won’t help you to get rid of ED completely, it will ensure a reliable 16-hour effect. This medication will be helpful only in case, when you take it wisely and don’t abuse your position.

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