Two Cases of Monckeberg’s Medial Sclerosis on the Face

Diabetes mellitus


Monckeberg’s medial sclerosis, known as a medial calcification of the arteries, is an age-related degen­erative process especially caused by long-standing diabetes mellitus. The vessels most commonly affected are large and medium sized peripheral muscular arteries such as femoral, tibial, radial, ulnar, and uterine arteries. Affected vessels, which get dilated hard when palpated, histopathologically show transverse ridges of medial calcification under the intima. Since medial calcification of arteries was first described in the elderlj, and more frequently in diabetic patients in 1924 , many cases of medial calcification on the labial, temporal, mammary, coronary and facial arteries have been reported in foreign countries. However, there has been no case reported in the Korean dermatologic literature. Herein, we report two cases of Monckeberg medial sclerosis, which clinically showed asymptomatic bean sized, pulsatile nodules on the patients’ cheeks. Viagra Professional

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Tags: Branch of the facial artery, diabetes mellitus, Monckeberg's medial sclerosis

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